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WS in EuMW 2020 in Utrecht, The Netherlands – 2

During the next European Microwave Week 2020, in Utrecht, The Netherland, on January 10th-14th 2021, to be held virtually a workshop on

High Performance GaN MMICs

is organised, featuring many iteresting topics related to MiGaNSOS Technology (Remy Leblanc is presenting GaN/Si by OMMIC). GaN/Si and GaN/SiC will be focused, with the decription of the current status and perspectives.


GaN technologies are ongoing drivers for system advancements. The workshop gives an overview of the progress of important Gallium Nitride MMIC technologies avail-able to the microwave and RF community for frequencies from 400 MHz to 200 GHz. Important industrial major vendors of GaN MMICs do contribute. Eight international speakers will give their view to the evolu-tion of important applications such as sens-ing, defence, data com, and 5 and 6G with emphasis on IC technology. Their roadmaps will be provided to enable the audience to estimate the progress of MMIC on a global scale. Further, the research progress with respect to higher frequency scaling beyond commercial technologies are addressed.The first talk by Qorvo addresses var-ious self-configuring and frequency reconfigurable GaN design techniques with applications to power amplifiers, switches, limiters and self-interference rejection.The UMS presentation will present the re-cent development of GaN power technolo-gies addressing X to Q bands. The link with applications like space and 5G applications will be emphasized through different dem-onstrators, some of them being complete System-In-Package.The paper by Win will provide an overview of WIN Semiconductor’s GaN platforms used in wireless Infrastructure and satellite com-munications. Device-level RF performance data will be presented along with select MMIC results from several customers.The talk by Ommic will review how scaled down GaN /Si fully complements sub 40-nm CMOS to meet the stringent specifications and cost budget of mmW 5G base stations, handsets and backhaul links.The presentation by Wolfspeed will discuss size, power density, and efficiency the de-mands, focus on key developments to enable MMICs for backhaul and satcom, and pres-ent examples of designs.The talk by Fraunhofer will discuss several design approaches for enhancing the per-formance of GaN-based amplifier MMICs for applications above 100 GHz.The presentation by Sumitomo introduc-es real GaN HEMT 5G basestation PAs in terms of performance, reliability, and cost competitiveness.The final speaker will give a talk on the impact of GaN with a European defense perspective.