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WS in EuMW 2021 in London, United Kingdom

During the next European Microwave Week 2021, in London, United Kingdom, on February 13th-18th 2022, a workshop on

Progress and Status of Gallium Nitride Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits

This workshop gives an overview of the progress of important Gallium Nitride MMIC technologies available to the microwave and RF community for frequencies from 400 MHz to 200 GHz. Prominent industrial vendors of GaN MMICs have been invited and have agreed to participate. Several international speakers will give their view to the evolution of important applications such as sensing, data com, with emphasis on mm-wave IC technology. Several roadmaps will be provided to enable the audience to estimate the progress of MMIC on a global scale. Further, the research progress with respect to higher frequency scaling beyond commercial technologies is addressed. The workshop thus will provide an overview on the overall status of MMIC technology, device technology, circuit design, reliability, and integration.

Within the workhop, MiGaNSOS results will be presented in a talk, given by Ernesto Limiti entitled “Multifunctional front-end integration for radar/earth observation at mmWaves“.