WP 5

WP5 – Demonstrator Definition, Fabrication and Test

In this WP, a demonstrator tile, representative of a building block of a Ka band SAR transmit/receive active antenna, shall be identified and specified, and requirements partitioned for the MMICs therein.

The demonstrator will be designed accounting for the target MMIC requirements. Key elements of the antenna tile will be bread-boarded and individually tested.

In parallel, the MMIC developed in the frame of MiGaNSOS shall be fully characterized on a representative fixture to enable characterization over targeted operating temperatures.

Once the design has been assessed, the full demonstrator shall be fabricated at TAS (substrates, circuits, packages, radiating panel), assembled with the MMICs coming(along data) from the concurrent Tasks 3 and 4 and tested, with the aim to prove the effectiveness of the selected solution for advanced future application in space Ka band SARs.

OMMIC, UTV and VTT will provide all useful information necessary to integrate the MMICs, with specific reference to physical and electrical constraints on MMIC.