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WS in EuMW 2020 Utrecht, The Netherlands

During the next European Microwave Week 2020, in Utrecht, The Netherland, on January 10th-14th 2021, to be held virtually a workshop on

From enabling GaN Technology to high performing Space borne SSPAs at millimeter wave

is organised, featuring many iteresting topics related to MiGaNSOS. GaN/Si and GaN/SiC will be focused, with the decription of the current status and perspectives.

The development for next generation Very High Throughput Satellites (vHTS) systems, will make use of Ka/Q/V gateways, where the forward payload link will operate in K-band. This kind of spacecraft will offer high capacity, large number of users and communication volumes (1 Terabit/s per satellite), with lower cost per GBPS, increasing the flexibility being the the satellite capacity allocated only when-&-where it is needed. Traditionally, demand for high power levelsat high frequencies has been satisfied byusing TWTAs as amplifying device; this isbecause SSPA technology was unable toattain similar performance levels. However, technological advancements such as linearization, miniaturisation, and the use of different materials such as GaN, have levelled the playing field open the actual possibility to replace TWTA with SSPAs. This workshop aims to report about recent progress on millimetre wave GaN-based SSPAs for space applications, starting from the assessment of the scenarios, in both ground and space segments, to the actual SSPA design, realization and tests, also describing state-of-art GaN semiconductor technologies.