WP 1

WP1 – Project Management & Coordination

This work package is responsible for coordinating the overall project aiming towards achieving effective operation of the project as well as timely delivery of quality results. The management structure and tools described within will be instrumental to the achievement of the following objectives:

  • Establishment of appropriate project relations with and reporting to the Commission, ensuring that the EU has a clear and correct visions of project progress.
  • Achievement of a common direction within the project.
  • Establishment of appropriate review procedures within the project;
  • Establishment of an efficient system of communications and conflict resolution procedures, also by means of collaborative environment tools to support consortium interactions.
  • Planning, monitoring and controlling project progress and outputs, and taking corrective actions.
  • Supporting the agile development of project assets.
  • Administration of project funds in the interest of the success of the project, in accordance with the consortium, and according to individual partner performance.
  • Support discussions on IPR management.